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The Allan Handelman Show
For December 18, 2005

The Allan Handelman Show deals with all issues relevant to the Rock Culture, not just music. Rock Stars, newsmakers, pop culture icons and always the most amazing people in the world.

Hear all sides of the story and listen to a variety of media. Don't believe what you hear on this or any talk show without first doing the research and then, and only then, make up your mind.

Listen for your chance to win a Sling Box on the show Sunday night! Allan's pick for coolest new gadget of 2005 - the Sling Box!  Click to visit Sling Media's web site. Register for your chance to win a Sling Box in our drawing in January!
Allan's pick for best new gadget of 2005 is the Sling Box from Sling Media. Picture this. You're on a trip flipping through all the dreary channels on the hotel TV. There's nothing you want to see. If only you had all those "favorite" channels you have programmed on the TV at home. Well with Slingbox you can!! It's hard to believe but Slingbox enables you to watch your home programming from wherever you are. It turns virtually any broadband internet-connected PC into your personal TV. You can be in another room or the backyard like I was, or even in another country, and you'll have access to your television, cable box, DVD, etc.. Not only that, there's a virtual remote control that pops up on the remote computer that lets you use the mouse to control the home devices.  When you travel, be sure to warn the people at home so they don't freak out when you change the channel from 3,000 miles away!

Click to buy!First up this week, Family Guy writer/producer Steve Callaghan. Steve Callaghan is a writer and producer of the Fox television series, Family Guy, and has worked on the show since its inception. His other writing credits include sitcoms on CBS and MTV, a variety of screenplays, and live sketch comedy (which he also performed while a member of the ACME Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles).

Family Guy: The Official Episode Guide : Seasons 1-3 Compiled and Edited by Steve Callaghan
Based on the series created by Seth MacFarlane

They're back! Fresh from their unprecedented, triumphant return to network television after premature cancellation and rebirth in syndication and DVD, the comic forces behind Family Guy tell all. Now hard-core fans can rediscover the first fifty episodes of this Emmy-nominated cult classic in the trade paperback original, FAMILY GUY: The Ultimate Episode Guide Seasons 1-3, compiled and edited by Steve Callaghan and based on the series created by Seth MacFarlane.

Packed with irreverent fun and wildly inappropriate humor, FAMILY GUY goes behind the scenes with the show's creative team and gets the inside scoop on the first three seasons of this underground sensation. Newcomers and long-time viewers will laugh equally hard as the off-color jokes fly nonstop. Hear from the creator, producers, writers, animators and performers as they reveal just what makes Family Guy look and sound different from any other show on television.

Click to buy!No topic is taboo for this fearless bunch, and no target is safe from their wickedly warped, politically incorrect, equal opportunity skewering. There is something for everyone here – first-timers can catch on easily to the Griffin family dynamics and die-hard fans can revisit moments they probably already know verbatim.

In many ways a typical animated clan, the Griffins of Quahog, Rhode Island fight, scheme, lie, cheat, get in trouble and rarely learn a lesson on a weekly basis. Mom Lois is an heiress turned housewife, husky older brother Chris gets overshadowed by his siblings and teenage sister Meg is a bookish misfit who can't penetrate the cool crowd at James Woods High School. Rounding out the household, there's Peter, the hapless, lazy, buffoonish dad, Stewie, the baby genius with big plans to rule the world or at least this bunch and Brian, the urbane, world-weary pet dog always ready with a snappy quip and a cold martini. Assorted neighbors, schoolmates, friends and mortal enemies all pop in and out of the picture as well.

FAMILY GUY demonstrates the show's brazen willingness to go to extremes in pursuit of a laugh. Would any other sitcom weave together such a rich tapestry of time travel, mass suicides, crazy cultists, Indian casinos, wheelchair-bound athletes, the Fonz, Congressional hearings, jousting knights, mistaken identity, the witness relocation program, the outing of television heartthrobs, snooty in-laws, near-death experiences, mobsters, girls gone wild at spring break, various addictions, flatulence, sexual harassment in the workplace, catfights, religion, hidden ancestry, pornography, toad-licking, school board elections, bestiality and a very special Christmas?

Bonus extras in this episode-by-episode guide include tons of trivia, a breakdown of television show parodies, a pop quiz and original song lyrics, like the Emmy Award-winning, "You've Got A Lot To See." There are also memorable moments, guest stars, quotable dialogue, eye-popping animation, scene stealers, stuff you may have missed, pop culture references, random celebrity cameos and running commentary from key contributors. For the first time, FAMILY GUY recaps all the unfiltered hilarity that somehow slipped past the network censors and reveals the secrets behind this show's unstoppable popularity.

Click to buy!In the second hour, Allan welcomes back the bad boys of Rock 'N' Roll Comedy, The Jerky Boys. These characters have earned their reputation as being the most outrageous phone pranksters in the world.

Actually, The Jerky Boys are really just one very talented guy by the name of Johnny Brennan. His legendary characters include, Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenburg, Tarbash, Big Ol' Bad Ass Bob, Jack Tors and many others. Today, Johnny is one of the most sought after character voices in the business. He's the voice behind several characters on the hit TV series The Family Guy on FOX TV and Comedy Central.

This is Frank Rizzo.  That's right, sizzle chest, I said FRANK RIZZO!  What you gonna do about it?All five Jerky Boys CD's have gone platinum including the latest, The Jerky Tapes. Cumulative sales of Jerky Boys' albums have exceeded 8,000,000 CDs!

Check out the Jerky Boys page at Laugh.com and this selection of funny Jerky Boys stuff:
A very funny Jerky Boys cartoon, the Flower Lady cartoon, Johnny gives Disney a hard time, and a funny Jerky Boys Commercial.

Click to visit TVShowsOnDVD.comLater we have the creator of TVSHOWSONDVD.COM, Gord Lacy. This site allows you to vote for shows you'd buy on DVD, and how you'd want to buy them. All you need to do is become a registered member (it's free, don't worry) and then search their database of TV shows, clicking on checkboxes that correspond to how you'd like to see them released (Season sets, "Best of" releases, or individual episodes). It's really very easy, but if you need some help just browse the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the answer is probably there.

They also list thousands of TV DVDs that have already been released. Browse the list of old, new, classic and cancelled shows - chances are you'll find something you enjoy. And if you're interested in seeing what's coming out, look at the release schedule which breaks down releases by month.

So come on, let the studios know which shows you want on DVD!

Also this week, musician Roy Zimmerman. His latest CD is called, Peacenick.

Not just a Christmas record - hilarious holiday satire for all humanity. From the pan-humanist Christma-Hanu-Rama-Ka-Dona-Kwanzaa to the faux-Dylan protest song, Christmas is Pain, to the devastating I Won't Be Home for Christmas. In this time of war, natural disaster, social upheaval and political strife, Christmas just got funnier! Check out the song samples on his web site and get ready to laugh.


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