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The Allan Handelman Show

Welcome to IfItRocks.com, the home of the Allan Handelman Show where you'll find lots of program information including links to live broadcasts, podcasts and older radio show archives. For more immediate and frequent show updates it's best to use my social media outlets listed abovew. We'll continue to update this page for all major announcements. But to find out what's happening on a particular show or to get up to the minute updates use my Facebook sites (there Click for Allan's Facebook show page are two Click for Allan's Facebook page), Twitter Follow me on Twitter or Google plus. Also you may want to subscribe to my YouTube Follow me on YouTube channel for many new and old shows that may not be necessarily mentioned here at IfItRocks.com.

In the near future there will be a brand new design for this website that will be more mobile friendly and easier to update 24 hours a day.

On the Drawing Board: The Allan Handelman Show "Live" YouTube simulcast of a brand new show with calls ins. This program will also be available live on USTREAM and TuneIn. I'll have more to say about this on my social media sites as things get worked out, including times and starting dates.

I deeply appreciate your support over the years. The listeners have always been the motivation for what I do on the radio, and today that bond is even stronger. Thank you for being there and sticking with me so long. I hope you join me for the new chapter of the Allan Handelman Show.


The Allan Handelman Show deals with all issues relevant to the Rock Culture, not just music. Rock Stars, newsmakers, pop culture icons and always the most amazing people in the world. Hear all sides of the story and listen to a variety of media. Then, make up your own mind. It's the Talk Show for people who don't even listen to talk shows.

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Attention online listeners:

  • Affiliate radio Stations air the weekend show (ROCK TALK) at different times throughout the weekend. To make things easier for our WEEKEND STREAMING LISTENERS, we now stream continuously from 6pm Sunday to 10am Monday (ET) on USTREAM and host recent archives of the show there.
  • Another great way to hear the show is with the free TuneIn App for your tablet or Smartphone. Just go to your favorite App Store and download. For a couple of dollars you can get the Pro version that allows you to record the show. Very cool.
  • You can also find older podcasts of theAllan Handelman Show from over seven years of daily afternoon shows (4p-7p) on FM Talk WZTK. Plus this is where to hear the "Sunday Night" shows from most of the last 7 years up till March 2012 (Rock Talk with Allan Handelman) Subscribe via RSS
  • We hope this makes things a little more convenient than just offering two different airing times.

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