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The Allan Handelman Show" is more than a talk show. But, how do you describe it to new listeners? It's Exploration radio! Riveting, mind-stretching radio that has always been much more than a talk show. It's the mesmerizing stuff that makes you say, "oh wow", with truly compelling guests you will never forget. There is a special energy and intensity about "The Allan Handelman Show" that has often been often imitated, but never duplicated. For the past two decades, it's been truly unlike any other talk show in America, and it continues to be the talk show for people who don't listen to talk shows.

Allan was producing compelling talk radio for AOR stations on the FM band long before "FM Talk" became a viable format. It was talk radio on the very stations where the management wanted less talk and more music.

While shows like "Rock Line" and "Modern Rock Live" featured only interviews with bands each week, Allan mixed the biggest names in Rock and
entertainment with amazing guests and subjects that kept people glued to the
radio. It was sex, drugs, and Rock n' Roll with a whole lot more!

Even before "The Allan Handelman Show" went into syndication, Allan managed to regularly feature high profile guests such as David Letterman and Frank Zappa, despite being limited to one North Carolina station.

Allan was the first to regularly incorporate once taboo subjects such as UFOs and the paranormal into the broad spectrum of topics featured on the show each week. The formula worked! Handelman's ratings often tripled the stations norm. After building to a 31 share for the coveted 18-49 demographic, Allan consistently achieves top numbers in the 25-54, 18-49 and 18-24 demographics.

For over 20 years, he's been serving the Rock culture with the most interesting people in the world.

From its humble beginnings in Eastern North Carolina, to it's enviable rise as the first syndicated radio talk show to originate from the Carolinas, "The Allan Handelman Show" reigns today as one of the most imitated talk shows in the country. With cutting edge bumpers and impossible to get guests, Handelman consistently sets the bar for the industry and the Rock culture alike. While imitation is the highest form of flattery, nothing compares to the original!

Allan Handelman


Serving The Interests Of The Rock Listener

Show Index
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AC/DC -  All three hours of the show are devoted to AC/DC. As the AC/DC tour swings through the Carolinas, the band joins Allan to take calls from listeners and play some kick-butt tunes.
David Draiman of Disturbed - Also, Dan Savage, author of "Skipping Towards Gomorroah"
Ronnie James Dio - You know Ronnie from Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio.  This great show also includes Tax Protestor Irwin Schiff.  Always controversial, Irwin tours the country teaching people how to legally stop paying taxes!
Geddy Lee - Geddy gives a rare radio interview.  This is one of our most popular archives and is linked to from several Rush fan sites.  The show also includes Body For Life's Bill Phillips and Private Investigator Joseph Culligan.
Bush - Allan and Gavin Rossdale hanging out on the lawn at Blockbuster Pavillion to talk about Bush's music, and...canine pharmacology?
Adam Sandler - Adam was promoting his movie Little Nicky but Allan manages to put a Rock 'n Roll spin on the interview.  Did you know the first record Adam bought was AC/DC's Back In Black?
Chuck Barris - Chuck talks with Allan about creating The gong Show and his secret life as a CIA assasin.
Norm MacDonald - Allan talks to Norm MacDonald about why he got fired from Saturday Night Live, his sitcom The Norm Show and why people think he's stoned all the time.
Tommy Shaw - From October 1998.  This archive is hosted at and features audio and video.  Includes Tommy Shaw in the studio and Danny Perkins.  Broadband recommended.
David Letterman and Paul Shaffer - Also, Drummer Anton Fig of The David Letterman Show. From David's third appearance on the Allan Handelman Show.
George Carlin - George Carlin joins Allan to talk about his new book, his upcoming HBO special and life in general.
Heidi Fleiss - Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss talks with Allan about sex in the world of the rich and powerful.
Ronnie Spector - Legendary Rock icon and ex-wife of Phil Spector
William Kristol - Editor of the influential Washington-based political magazine The Weekly Standard and widely recognized as one of the nation's leading political analysts and commentators. Kristol regularly appears on Fox News Sunday and on the Fox News Channel.
Jackie Mason - Legendary comedian and social commentator discussed current affairs and takes calls from listeners.
Jay Leno - The celebrated host of the Tonight Show is a longtime friend.
Durham Independent Online Article - Karen Mann

At this point, dear readers, you're likely to be having one of two reactions. Either you're saying to yourself, "Who the hell is Allan Handelman," or, if you're like hundreds of thousands of people around the nation who have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights, you're saying, "Yeah, that guy on who always has the crazy guests on his radio show." And if you belong to a select group of old-school North Carolinians, you're probably nodding your head fondly, remembering the years Handelman spent in Havelock, Greenville and Little Washington before settling at WFRX in Charlotte and landing a syndication deal that allows him to be heard around the nation (including on WRDU-FM in Raleigh).

Read the whole article...

Allan Handelman Bio

At the age of 13 Allan got his first taste of radio by building an illegal radio station in his bedroom in Long Island NY. It grew all through Jr. High and High School as equipment and airshifts given to friends were added. The station transmitted on both AM and FM and continued until Allan went off to College. That's when he went legit and started Concord College's campus radio station in West Virginia, WAVZ.

Allan's career in radio also included various stations in other markets. WRQR-FM Greenville, NC. WITN-Rock 93, Washington. WQDR-FM Raleigh, NC. While at WXRC 95.7 Charlotte, Allan programmed and did Afternoon drive between 1988-1990. Then to KKBB-FM B-Rock and New Rock KRAB Bakersfield, California where he programmed and rocked the afternoons. In 1992, Allan came to WRFX.

Rock Talk with Allan Handelman has been a successful attempt at putting talk radio on the FM band. The show is unique because it provides a forum to discuss many topics which are taboo to the traditional talk show stations. Allan describes Rock Talk as compelling talk radio with a Rock 'n roll attitude. Topics covered on the show range from sex, drugs and rock 'n roll to technology, cyberspace and how current events affect our generation.

The Allan Handelman show is a syndicated version of Rock Talk and airs every Sunday night from 10pm-1am Eastern time and shares some affiliates who also carry the John Boy and Billy Network.

Now you can see and hear the Allan Handelman Show and Rock Talk with Allan Handelman world wide on the Internet.  Just keep the radio on and watch the fun.

Allan's hobbies include Music, Camping, Hiking, Computers, Psychotronic Movies, Dogs, Short Wave and Pirate Radio Listening, Skiing, Jogging, Traveling and taking spontaneous road trips. He also spends time Collecting Rock 'n Roll Memorabilia and tracking down hard to get guests for his show.