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The Allan Handelman Show
For April 19, 2015

The Allan Handelman Show deals with all issues relevant to the Rock Culture, not just music. Rock Stars, newsmakers, pop culture icons and always the most amazing people in the world. Hear all sides of the story and listen to a variety of media. Then, make up your own mind. It's the Talk Show for people who don't even listen to talk shows.

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Among the guests and topics on this week's show:

  • John Marshall: (Mighty John the Record Guy) 10 records totaling over $50,000.00. John is the well known expert on the cash value of your old records. Another notable Mainer, best-selling author Stephen King, once called Mighty John "a leading citizen of Rock 'n' Roll." Mighty John worked for King for several years during the 80s. See below for the list of "10 records totaling over $50,000.00." www.MoneyMusic.com

  • John Stossel: The host of Stossel on The Fox Business Channel. Tonight John asks is there a WAR ON RELIGION? Some of Stossel's Fox colleagues say Christianity is under attack, but he doesn't see much of that. America is a Christian country. Compared to other countries, religion thrives. 90% of Americans believe in God. 40% say they go to church every week. In France and Germany, fewer than 10% go. In Denmark, 3%. www.johnstossel.com

  • Brad Steiger: one of the most widely known and respected investigators of the unexplained, with over 177 books with well over 23 million in print. His books include, Cospiracies and Secret Societies, Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places. The Werewolf Book, Mysteries OF Time And Space, Project Bluebook, The Rainbow Conspiracy, Dog Miracles, Alien Rapture, The Werewolf Book, The Source, Worlds Before Our Own. The latest, Shadow Worlds: True Encounters with Beings From The Darkside. www.bradandsherry.com


John Marshall (Mighty John the Record Guy) 10 records totaling over $50,000.00.

Mighty John Marshall was born in Portland, Maine and has been a resident his entire life. In his 30 years as a DJ, Mighty John has Rock 'n Rolled the Pine Tree State up and down the radio dial. Another notable Mainer, best-selling author Stephen King, once called Mighty John "a leading citizen of Rock 'n' Roll." Mighty John worked for King for several years during the 80s.

Spring special!!! 10 records totaling over $50,000.00

  1. 1963 Columbia 45…Bob Dylan… "Mixed Up Confusion"…………………………$1,000.00

  2. 1939 Brunswick 78…Frank Sinatra… "From the Bottom of My Heart"……$1,500.00

  3. 1962 Randy 45…Kenny & Cadets (Beach Boys)…"Barbie"(colored vinyl)…$2500.00

  4. 1968 Reprise LP…Jimi Hendrix… "Axis: Bold as Love" (mono) (orange & brown label)…….$3,500.00

  5. 1955 Je-Wel 45…Teen Kings (Roy Orbison)…Trying To Get To You"………..$4,000.00

  6. 1973 Columbia 45…Bruce Springsteen… "Spirit in the Night"………………….$5,000.00

  7. 1963 Philles 45… The Crystals… "(Let's Dance) The Screw"…………………….$7,500.00

  8. 1964 Vee Jay LP…Beatles & Frank Ifield… "Beatles & Frank Ifield" (Pictures Beatles on cover)…………..(stereo)…$9,000.00

  9. 1957 Laurel 45…Vince Everett (Elvis Presley)..."Treat Me Nice"…ps……..$10,000.00

  10. 1964 London 45…Rolling Stones… "Stoned"…………………………………………$12,000.00

(Total) $56,000.00

John StosselJohn Stossel focuses on Libertarian Issues, human nature, business, pop culture and how politicians impact our lives. Nearly 40 years ago, he was a pioneering Consumer Advocate, dedicated to informing consumers about rip-off artists, and corporate thieves on 20/20 and other shows. He's also the author of No, They Can't: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed. Give Me A Break, And, Myths, Lies, And Downright Stupidity. Get Out the Shovel--Why Everything You Know is Wrong. He's received numerous honors including 19 Emmy Awards, and he has been honored five times for excellence in consumer reporting by the National Press Club.

Tonight John asks is there a WAR ON RELIGION? Some of Stossel's Fox colleagues say Christianity is under attack, but he doesn't see much of that. He says America is a Christian country. Compared to other wealthy countries, religion thrives in the United States. 74% of Americans say they believe in God. 37% say they go to church every week. In France and Germany, fewer than 10% go. In Denmark, 3%. www.johnstossel.com

Click to view on Amazon.comNick Redfern, occasional Allan Handelman guest and head of the American office of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology, wrote the following review of Brad and Sherry Steiger's book Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from other Worlds.

The very latest in an excellent series of titles from the husband-and-wife team of Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from other Worlds, is yet another winner, I'm pleased to say.

Running at almost 400-pages, and packed with superb artwork (paintings, photographs and drawings), this is one of those books that is not only highly informative, but (just like all the books from our Iowa-based Dynamic Duo) it's written in an entertaining and atmospheric style that captures the imagination of the reader from page-one, and holds their attention throughout.

With that said, what about the content? Well, now we get to the really good stuff. Whether you're a Ufological veteran or a relative newcomer to the scene, Real Aliens will serve as a perfect resource tool - one from which you'll (a) learn a great deal about the nature of the UFO puzzle, (b) gain new insights and appreciations of cases old and recent, and (c) come to realize the sheer enormity and multifaceted nature of the phenomenon.

The book is split into specific sections, which I particular enjoyed, as it allows the reader to dip into whichever area they choose to first, and doing so doesn't affect one's ability to understand and appreciate the data under scrutiny either.

So, we get sections on the many and varied types of entity that have been reported over the decades, including, of course, those pesky, black-eyed dwarfs: the Grays. Detailing intriguing and, sometimes, harrowing data, as well as the possibility that the Grays may well be time-surfers, this is an excellent section that gets to the heart of the agenda of the pasty, skinny abductors from beyond.

Those long-haired hippie-like E.T.'s that came tumbling out of the deserts of California, Arizona and Nevada in the early-1950s - the Nordic Space Brothers - are also the subject of an excellent chapter that provides a very good, solid account of this particularly engaging (to me anyway) aspect of the UFO issue. Who are the Nordics? Are they friends? Messengers? Deceptive entities with devious agendas? You know what to do to get those answers: buy the book!

Our fearless authors also take another very welcome blast into the past: in search of hairy humanoids, such as those diminutive types that popped up in the early '50s, and, of course, the world's most famous hair-covered man-beast: Bigfoot. I've said it before, but that won't stop me saying it again: Bigfoot is not just weird and elusive. Rather, Bigfoot is just too damn weird and elusive! And Brad and Sherry make this amply clear in Real Aliens, by chronicling a number of significant cases that push Bigfoot into distinctly Fortean territories.

Click to buy!I was very pleased to see a whole chapter devoted to one of those ufological beasts that doesn't usually get the attention it deserves, and as a result, often languishes in somewhat of a degree of enigmatic obscurity: the Praying Mantis. Insect-like, slightly ominous (and almost echoing imagery of the classic 1950s movie, Them!), one gets the feeling from reading this particular chapter that these entities (whatever their origins) play a substantial, and under-appreciated role in the non-human agenda.

And there are further chapters on the other-world critters too, including the more-than-ominous Reptilians, and robotic types reminiscent of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still (I mean the 1951 original; not the recent remake).

Moving on from specifically the alien entities themselves: if you're into stories of underground bases, underwater installations, and cavernous abodes of a type that would have had Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer foaming at the mouth, you're in for a treat. Have beings from other realms of existence secretly established outposts on (and under) our world? Do they secretly move among us, at night, after surfacing from their darkened abodes? Might some of these creatures represent the last vestiges of a very ancient race of terrestrial - rather than extraterrestrial - origins? You'll find a great deal of food for thought on these very issues in this particular chapter.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have sex with a blistering hot, Barbarella-style space-babe? Go on, admit it: of course you have! After all, who could say no to Truman Bethurum's flirty and curvy Aura Rhanes?

Certainly, the most famous of all such cases - described in detail in Real Aliens - is that of a certain Antonio Villas Boas of Brazil, whose October 1957 encounter with an attractive chick of the cosmic kind, is now near-legendary. But, as the Steiger's correctly note, some such cases seem downright malevolent, and appear to demonstrate characteristics suggestive of encounters with incubus and succubi, rather than with flesh-and-blood E.T.'s. So, after reading this chapter, you might want to be very careful with respect to what you wish for...

Kind of on a similar path, the highly controversial issue of alien-human hybrids is also given the Steiger treatment. To many, this issue is all indicative of a clandestine, genetic program - and maybe one that has a disturbing agenda. Namely: to infiltrate our society with human-looking aliens. Sleepers, in other words. I was, however, pleased to see that Brad and Sherry note the deep and undeniable parallels between alien abduction, hybrids and kidnapped babies, and the centuries old stories of people who claimed to have met the fairy-folk. Are we dealing with real E.T.'s? Or is this a presently unfathomable puzzle that, depending on the culture, the people and the time-frame, manifests in a multiplicity of forms: extraterrestrials, fairies, goblins, Djinns, etc, etc? All in all, this is a very good section of Real Aliens that demonstrates one of the weirder aspects of the entire phenomenon.



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