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01/11/15 The Amazing Kreskin, T.Rob Wyatt, Steve Weisman, Frank Warren

03/26/06 Jon Hichborn, Gary Peterson, Banner Thomas, Carmine Appice

03/19/06 Brad Steiger, Laurie Puhn

03/12/06 Ed McMahon, Alex McNeil, Jack Ely

03/05/06 Glenn Tipton, Allison Janse, Tony Malone

02/26/06 Allison Janse, Dick Peterson, Tom Biscardi

02/19/06 Marc H. Rudov, Hayseed Dixie

02/12/06 R. Gary Patterson, Roger Hawkins, Laura Corn

02/05/06 Laura Corn, Chloe

01/29/06 Moses Avalon

01/22/06 Lynda Milito, Unknown Hinson

01/15/06 Liz McIntyre, Jim Marrs

01/08/06 John Stossel, Robert Petro

01/01/06 AC/DC

12/25/05 "Al ""Grampa Munster"" Lewis"

12/18/05 Steve Callaghan, Jerky Boys, Johnny Brennan, Gord Lacy, Roy Zimmerman

12/11/05 Norm Stamper, Gene Simmons, Tim Walsh, Karen O'Brien

12/04/05 Jerky Boys, Johnny Brennan

11/27/05 Greg Hartley, R. Gary Patterson

11/20/05 John Stossel, Dick De Bartolo, Leo Laporte

11/13/05 Prophet Yahweh

11/06/05 Krist Novoselic, Rob Richie

10/30/05 Brad Steiger, Lewis Black

10/23/05 Lewis Black, Keith Carlock, Jamie Wood

10/16/05 Ted Nugent

10/09/05 Alex McNeil, George Gimarc

10/02/05 David Kupelian, Carmine Appice, George Gimarc

09/25/05 Jonathan Greenberg, Keven Trudeau

09/18/05 Gary Stromberg, Michelle Belanger, Anne Leighton

09/11/05 Richard Lewis

09/04/05 Jim Gilchrist, Gary Hoey

08/28/05 John Ziegler, Joshua P. Warren

08/21/05 M. Chris Fabricant, Michael C. Luckman, Wade Gordon

08/14/05 David Icke, Jerry Smith, George Piccard

08/07/05 Jim Marrs, Max Baer Jr, Steve Alten

07/31/05 Dr. Steven Lamm, Rob Halford, The Avett Brothers

07/24/05 Robert Petro

07/17/05 William Kristol, Jim Moore, Adriana Rubio

07/10/05 Gary Hoey

07/03/05 Lewis Black, Al Franken

06/26/05 Robert Klein, Phil Lesh

06/19/05 Jackson Armstrong, "Terry ""Motor Mouth"" Young", Dan Ingram

06/12/05 Eric E. Sterling, Angel Raich, Hayseed Dixie

06/05/05 Carmine Appice, Ray Manzarek, Paul Grushkin

05/29/05 AC/DC, George Carlin, Ted Nugent, Gary Cherone, Voyeur Dorm

05/22/05 Phil Lesh, Danny Perkins, Michael Weldon

05/15/05 Amelia Kinkade, Riley Martin, Mick Avery, Sylvie Avery

05/08/05 Alex McNeil, Marc Scott Zicree

05/01/05 Ted Nugent, Jon Gordon, John Perkins

04/24/05 Lewis Black, Alexandra Kitty

04/17/05 Gary Patterson, Lee Lapin, Ian Halperin

04/10/05 Al Franken, Jeannette Angell, Kevin Trudeau

04/03/05 Nikki Sixx, Rod Price, Motley Crue, Foghat, Mark Kemp

03/27/05 Open Phones

03/20/05 John Stossel, Joseph Culligan

03/13/05 Tim Neely, John Einarson

03/06/05 Susan K. Wehrley, Dr. Scott Lewis, Tommy Chong

02/27/05 Tommy Chong, R. Don Steele, Eric Burdon, John Kay, Blackie Lawless, WASP, Steppenwolf, The Animals

02/20/05 Dr. Dean Edell, Bill Wyman

02/13/05 Open Phones

02/06/05 "America’s Pleasure Coach" Sadie Allison. Later, John Ronner is an expert on Angels and author of several books.

01/30/05 We were flooded with emails after last week so we asked Mark Kemp back along with his colleague from the Observer, Tonya Jameson. Also, author Jim DeRogatis.

01/23/05 State Of Rock with Observer columnist Mark Kemp. Later, dream expert Lauri Loewenberg. Later, Open Phones.

01/16/05 Ken Goffman a.k.a R.U. SIRIUS, co-founder of Mondo 2000. Also former cop Richard Wallace tells how to get away with speeding and Marc Vanasse the author of What Sales People Hope You Never Find Out About.

01/09/05 Once a year Psychic Robert Petro takes you calls all three hours and lets you rate him after your reading.

01/02/05 New Year's weekend "Best Of" show with some of our most requeste3d guests and featuring The Jerky Boys.

12/26/04 This week on "The Allan Handelman Show" it's the history of SOUTHERN ROCK, and interviews with the biggest names in Southern Rock n' Roll!

12/19/04 Authors of He's Just Not That Into You, based on a popular episode of Sex And The City. Later, Bob Rivers the king of Rock 'N' Roll Parodies; Part 2 of Eric Burdon of The Animals.

12/12/04 News on the murder of Dimebag Darrell leader of the legendary Heavy Metal outfit Pantera. Later, "America's Rebel Comedians." and Leo Laporte, former host of TechTV's The Screen Savers and Call For Help

12/05/04 U2's BONO and Eric Burdon of The Animals. George Goetz, Libertarian party Press Secretary discusses the Supreme Court's new marijuana cases. Plus Gary Hoey performing live in the studio

11/28/04 This week, it's the Foo Fighters and Mad Magazine's wackiest writer Dick DeBartolo

11/21/04 Fact: People who own pets live longer. Joining Allan this week are the Mallard Creek Vet Dr. Mark Green and authors Dr. David Brunner, and Mark Derr.

11/14/04 Joe Garner, author of Made You Laugh and David Hofstede, author of What Were They Thinking? Later, Mick and Sylvie Avery who claim they can communicate with spirits.

11/07/04 Private Investigator and author Joe Culligan tells us how to find anyone. Later it's Fear Factory and our good friend psychic Dannion Brinkley.

10/31/04 It's the Halloween show! Guest Brad Steiger is an expert on ghostly phenomenon, werewolves, aliens, vampires and the paranormal.

10/24/04 Is satellite the future of radio? Legendary radio pioneer Lee Abrams joins Allan to discuss The State Of Rock and how he is reinventing radio at XM. Later, it's Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Open Phones.

10/17/04 It's UFOs, aliens and cover-ups! Allan's guests Frank Feschino Jr., Stanton Friedman and Jim Marrs.

10/10/04 It's Johnny Brennan of The Jerky Boys. Michael Moore is also scheduled to call in and Al Martin joins Allan in the third hour.

10/03/04 Robert Petro is the only psychic we know of who gives a reading based only on your name and city and then lets you give him a score from one to ten.

09/26/04 Christopher Faulkner, CEO of CI Host and computer security expert talks about new threats from viruses, spyware and other new types of "mal-ware". Later, it's Leslie West of Mountain.

09/19/04 Joining Allan this week, it's Al Franken, the outspoken host of Air America's The O'Franken Factor, author, comedian and SNL alum. Later, Ralph Nader and why you should vote your consience and not your fear.

09/12/04 Outspoken conservative Pat Buchanan stopped by, and what he had to say may surprise you.

09/05/04 Labor Day weekend edition with Gene Simmons of Kiss, Tommy Chong, Hoobastank and Mike Love of The Beach Boys.

08/29/04 Banned bands, censored songs, it's Taboo Tunes author Peter Blecha!

08/22/04 Southern Rock segment with former Rolling Stone editor and Charlotte Observer columnist Mark Kemp. Later it's Rock band Asia.

08/15/04 Singer, songwriter, author and activist Steve Earl joins Allan. Plus Open Phones and Name That Band. Steve's segments are archived in streaming MP3.

08/08/04 Seb Hunter the author of Hell Bent for Leather : Confessions of a Heavy Metal Addict.

08/01/04 Rock Journalist R. Gary Patterson talks about all the great myths and legends of Rock & Roll. Also, the latest in the culture wars with Rock industry icon Danny Goldberg

07/25/04 Retired police captain Peter Christ says "the drug war can never be won, and is doing more harm than good." Later Tony Wilson of Spectrum Labs discusses the legality of using detox products to pass drug tests

07/18/04 Chuck Barris talks about his latest book Bad Grass Never Dies, the sequel to Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind.

07/11/04 Tommy Chong's first radio interview since his release from Jail. Tommy's segments are archived in streaming MP3.

07/04/04 Don Dokken of the band Dokken and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and Brides Of Destruction.

06/27/04 Gene Simmons has a new solo album and a new Kiss release. Also, Charles Brandt, the author of explosive new book about the Mafia and carried over from last week, David Brock, a former right-wing "hit man" reporter and political insider.

06/20/04 Jim DeRogatis, author of Kill Your Idols argues that many of the "classic" albums actually sucked.

06/13/04 Doug Robb of Hoobastank and Mike Love of The Beach Boys.

06/06/04 Allan takes a look at the latest UFO sightings making news from around the world. Later, Sammy Hagar talks about the reunion with Van Halen.

05/30/04 Allan takes another look at the Kurt Cobain case with investigator Tom Grant plus Ian Halperin and Max Wallace, author's of the new book Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain. Also, Kirk Hammett of Metallica.

05/23/04 George Carlin, Psychic Robert Petro and David Letterman.

05/16/04 Jack Blades of Night Ranger and The Damn Yankees. Also, Marty Beckerman author of Generation S.L.U.T. and Dr. Veronica Tonay, author of Every Dream Interpreted.

05/09/04 Presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Also, Danny Perkins, "The King Of Rock Memoribilia" and Anton Fig of The Late Show.

05/02/04 William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard; Russ Kick, author of Everything You Know Is Wrong and The Book Of Lists.

04/25/04 Open phones, Name That Band and more from Blackie Lawless of WASP.

04/18/04 Peter Blecha, author of Taboo Tunes and Blackie Lawless of WASP join Allan to talk about music censorship.

04/11/04 Herbalist, physician and nutrition expert Dr. Earl Mindell. Later TV producer and investigator of the paranormal, John Tricas.

04/04/04 Kirk Hammet of Metallica. 'Nuff said.

03/28/04 Allan is joined by the "Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent. Later, David Icke, one of the most controversial and elusive people in the world.

03/21/04 Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue talks about his new band Brides Of Destruction and their new album Here Come The Brides. Later, music expert and columnist Mark Kemp talks with Allan.

03/14/04 It's an eclectic show tonight with counterculture icon Paul Krassner, Actor/Comedian Cheech Marin, and William Gazecki author of Crop Circles: Quest for Truth.

03/07/04 Al "Grampa Munster" Lewis makes his first public appearance since his surgery and Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about The Power Of Intention.

02/29/04 MTV/VH1 Senior VP Bill Flanagan, Former Rolling Stone editor Mark Kemp and "the Godmother of the Music Industry" Nadine Condon all join Allan to discuss The State Of Rock.

02/22/04 Due to the huge response, John Stossel returns to the show this week. In addition, Tesla and Yes take calls from listeners.

02/15/04 Sex and Fitness show featuring fitness guru Bill Phillips, sex expert Dr. Ava Cadell, author Donald Etkes and author Roy Valentine.

02/08/04 John Stossel from ABC's 20/20, and syndicated talk show host Dr. Dean Edell, also known as "America's Doctor".

02/01/04 Pre-empted due to Carolina Panther's game. Best-of segment featuring legendary Rolling Stone columnist Ben Fong-Torres.

01/25/04 Mighty John Marshall the record collector's record collector. Also this week, the authors of 45 RPM: The History, Heroes, & Villains of a Pop Music Revolution and Al Martin, one of America's most outspoken experts on corporate and government fraud.

01/18/04 Pre-empted by a Carolina Panther's game, it's a Best-Of show featuring AC/DC.

01/11/04 Rock journalist R. Gary Patterson author of Hellhounds On Their Trail; DJ, talk show host and aviation writer Tim Kenney exposes startling facts about aviation accidents that took the life of many famous rockers.

01/04/04 Psychic Robert Petro

12/28/03 Wide open phones and a Best-Of segment featuring David Dramain of Disturbed.

12/21/03 Dean Budnick, founder of JamBands.com and author of The Phishing Manual; Bob Rivers, the King Of Rock Parodies.

12/14/03 Tech TV's Leo LaPorte, Private Investigator Joseph Culligan.

12/07/03 Pre-empted show due to Carolina Panther's game. Best-of segments including George Carlin, Ted Nugent, Shelby Chong.

11/30/03 Veteranarian Dr. Mark Green, Psychotronic film expert Michael weldon and actor Victor Lundin.

11/23/03 Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, wide open phones.

11/16/03 Dick DeBartolo, famous as the Gizmo Wizard and as Mad Magazine's maddest writer, joins Allan with the scoop on all the coolest new gift gear. Later, Jim Marrs and Stanton Friedman return with the latest from the conspiracy underground.

11/09/03 Shelby Chong and Cheech Marin join Allan to talk about Tommy Chong's legal battles. Later, author Michael Cremo explains that the human species did nor evolve but instead devolved and continues to do so to this day.

11/02/03 Internationally controversial conspiracy theorist and author David Icke joins Allan for the whole three hours and it still was not enough time!

10/26/03 Halloween Show! Joining Allan are Brad Steiger, author of Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places, and psychic Dannion Brinkley.

10/19/03 A jam-packed show with Shelby Chong, Michael Moore, Keith Stroup of NORML and author Debbie Ford talk about drugs, Rush Limbaugh's drug problem, the drug war and Tommy Chong's upcoming appeal.

10/12/03 The Voyeur Dorm girls join Allan in the studio. Also, Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, authors of The Big Bang: Nerve's Guide to the New Sexual Universe

10/05/03 Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and host of "House Of Hair". Former federal prosecutor Dan Small discusses what's ahead for Rush Limbaugh in the wake of Rush's recent racial remarks and accusations of drug abuse.

09/28/03 Renowned ghost hunter Joshua P. Warren joins Allan this week. Later, David Icke shows us evidence that "alien politicians" are the world.

09/21/03 Sammy Hagar best known as a solo artist but also formerly of Montrose and Van Halen. Also, Larry Kane, author of Ticket To Ride. And from the archives, it's Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Gene Simmons of Kiss

09/14/03 This week, The Allan Handelman Show looks at the sad reality of music downloading with Charlotte Observer editor and former Rolling Stone editor, Mark Kemp. Later, internationally noted UFO researcher Stanton Friedman calls in.

09/07/03 Mike Levine, founding member of Triumph. Jim Marrs discusses his views on the JFK assasination, remote viewing and "the alien agenda".

08/31/03 This week, from the archives, it's a special "Legends of Rock" Labor Day Weekend Edition of The Allan Handelman Show, featuring Peter Frampton, Tommy Shaw & Paul Rogers.

08/24/03 David Draiman from the band Disturbed joins Allan in the studio.

08/17/03 Tech-TV's Leo Laorte has a new book out. Also, Author Philip D. Harvey discusses his new book "Government Creep: What the Government is Doing That You Don't Know About".

08/10/03 Guitarist Zakk Wylde joins from Ozzfest. Also, actress Traci Lords, and alien abductee Travis Walton.

07/27/03 Veterinarian Dr. Mark Green discusses the rising cost of pet health care. Also, Dr. Allen M. Schoen, author of Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live.

07/20/03 Allan welcomes back Danny Perkins, "The King of Rock Memorabilia". Later, Allan is joined by Lawrence Paros, author of Bawdy Language: Everything you always wanted to do but were afraid to say.

07/13/03 Allan welcomes Danny Goldberg back to the show. In the second half, it's Observer Entertainment Editor, former editorial executive for MTV Networks and former music editor of Rolling Stone magazine, Mark Kemp.

07/06/03 From the recent archives, it's Def Leppard.

06/29/03 Brad Steiger joins Allan to discuss his latest book Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places. Riley Martin joins Allan in the second hour to reveal his connection to a race of aliens and their plans for Earth.

06/22/03 Danny Goldberg, author of Dispatches From the Culture Wars, hard rockers Skid Row, activist preacher Rev. Joe Chambers, and Ted Nugent calls in unnanounced.

06/15/03 Dean Budnick of JamBands.com and Senior Editor of Relix Magazine; adult film stars Nina Hartley and Brittany Andrews; Playboy TV's Lauren Hays; Mark Hazelwood the author of Blindsided: Planet X Passes in 2003

06/08/03 Marijuana expert and reform activist Ed Rosenthal joins Allan to discuss the verdict of his recent trial; Steve Kubby, former Libertarian candidate for governer of California and marijuana reform activist; Al Martin, government whistleblower and Bush administration insider.

06/01/03 Ross Jeffries, author of How to Get the Women You Desire Into Bed; the inventor of the Virtual Sex Machine; the girls from SexPayPerView.com live in the studio and on the webcam!

05/25/03 Memorial Day "Best Of" show.

05/18/03 Dr. Earl Mindell explains everything you need to know about feeling great even if you still party; Michael Weldon of Psychotronic Magazine.

05/11/03 "Nameologist" Maryanna Korwitts explains what your name says about you; metal rockers Anthrax promote their new CD out on Sanctuary Records.

05/04/03 Ted and Shemane Nugent take some time from their simultaneous concert and book signing tours to talk with Allan and their fans; famed psychic Sylvia Browne.

04/27/03 Libertarian Party press secretary Geroge Goetz; British Shock Rock innovators Cradle Of Filth.

04/20/03 Def Leppard's Rick Allen and Joe Elliott join Allan in the studio.

04/13/03 This week the show is WIDE-OPEN with surprise guests and giveaways throughout the show. Scheduled guests include David Lee Roth and Irwin Schiff.

04/06/03 AC/DC - The whole band talks with Allan in these interviews taped over four days leading up to their Rock "N" Roll Hall Of Fame induction.

03/30/03 Dr. Michael Salla, a researcher with American University; Doug Hajicek, director of the documentary Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science; Irwin Schiff author of The Federal Mafia: How It Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes

03/23/03 Rita Cosby of "The Fox News Network; author, DJ, environmentalist and guitar legend Ted Nugent; Foo fighters live and taking your calls

03/16/03 Behind the scenes of the Rock "N" Roll Hall of Famewith AC/DC; Danny Perkins, "The King of Rock Memorabilia"; Rock radio journalist Denny Somach, author of the best seller Ticket to Ride

03/09/03 Col. David Hackworth; Al "Grampa Munster" Lewis

03/02/03 Convicted marijuana grower Ed Rosenthal; VH1 jounalist and author of the upcoming book Close Encounters of the Musical Kind, Mike Luckman; Tim Crawford, founder of "UFO TV" and expert on extraterrestrials, UFO"s, and conspiracies

02/23/03 William Kristol, author of The War Over Iraq: Saddam"s Tyranny And America"s Mission

02/16/03 Music collector Dave Thompson, Walter Bregman the author of Spray the Bear.

02/09/03 Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss; music legend Ronnie Spector; World famous sexpert Laura Corn.

02/02/03 Nuclear physicist and UFO expert Stanton Friedman.

01/26/03 Chuck Barris, Adrian Dvir, Riley Martin.

01/19/03 Legendary Rolling Stone editor and Rock journalist Ben Fong-Torres joins Allan to talk about the history of Radio. Also, author and producer Joe Garner.

01/12/03 Chuck Barris of "Gong Show" fame and subject of the movie "Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind".

01/05/03 Psychic Robert Petro.

12/29/02 Al "Grampa Munster" Lewis. Al was voted the favorite guest by Allan Handelman Show listeners.

12/22/02 Tech TV"s Leo LaPorte andMAD Magazine writer and gizmo wizard Dick DeBartolo talk with Allan about all the latest toys and tech gadgets.

12/15/02 Author and producer Joe Garner and song parody king Bob Rivers.

12/08/02 Drug testing, Libertarian party Press Secretary George Goetz and MAD Magazine writer and gizmo wizard Dick DeBartolo.

12/01/02 Drummer Anton Fig of The Daivd Letterman Show. Also, "Best Of" segments with David Letterman and Paul Shaffer

11/24/02 Riley Martin, author of "The Coming OF Tan" and Brian Slagel founder of Metal Blades Records.

11/17/02 Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis

11/10/02 Contests all night. Scheduled guest Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis was unable to appear due to an injury.

11/03/02 The girls from VoyeurDorm.com in the studio. Also, Libertarian candidate Rachel Mills and George Fuiaxis, sex expert and author of "Stop Beating Around the Bush!".

10/27/02 Gary Cherone, Brad Steiger, Dannion Brinkley

10/20/02 David Draiman of Disturbed. Also, Jeff Suhs, author of "Kiss Alive Forever" and Dan Savage, author of "Skipping Towards Gomorroah".

10/13/02 Randall Floyd, author of "In The Realm Of Ghosts And Hauntings" and Shroud Of Turin scholars Sue Benford and Joe Marino.

10/06/02 Eric Burdon of The Animals and War. Also, Entertainment Attorney Peter Thall and ifitrocks.com webmaster T.Rob discuss music royalties, web radio and CARP - the reason the shows are no longer archived.

09/27/02 Back to school sex show featuring the girls from VoyeurDorm.com, sex advice columnist Stephanie Glenn and author David Wygant.

09/22/02 Tommy Chong continues from the previous week. Also, USA Drug Czar John Walters presents an opposing viewpoint.

09/15/02 Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong and That "70s Show. Also,author and Pirate Radio expert Andrew Yoder.

09/08/02 Legendary bluesman John Mayall joins Allan this week. Also, Burton Hersch talks about psychological warfare in the CIA and his new book "The Nature Of The Beast".

09/01/02 Burton Cummings of The Guess Who and pop art icon Peter Max.

08/25/02 Drug expert Dr. Julie Holland and self-help guru Dr. Wayne Dyer.

08/18/02 Trance Medium Suzane Northrup.

08/11/02 Tech-TV"s Leo Laporte discusses hi-tech toys and the current crisisof webcasters. Also, Ron Mazsello, author, activist and public relations expert.

08/04/02 Author Ken Geringer, tax protestor Irwin Schiff.

07/28/02 Riley Martin, author of The Coming Of Tan recounts his experiences with aliens.

07/21/02 Entertainment industry attorney Peter Thall and Rob Halford of the bands Halford and Judas Priest.

07/14/02 Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, Alan Cohen author of "Why Your Life Sucks" and internationally known psychic Victoria Bullis.

07/07/02 Best Of Allan Handelman - No Archive

06/30/02 Attorney Michael Tomkins, Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project and Andy Neil, the leading authority on The Who.

06/23/02 David Draiman from Disturbed, the mysterious East Coast orbs and author Joseph Wambaugh.

06/16/02 Roger Glover and Steve Morse of Deep Purple and Klaus Meine of Scorpions.

06/09/02 Ronnie James Dio. Guitar prodigy Matthew Curran and hard rockers Fifty-50.

06/02/02 Brad Steiger author of The Source and Francesca Ciancimino Howell author of Making Magic With Gaia.

05/26/02 Johnny Brennan, voice of The Jerky Boys; Angela Harris, inventor of New Bust breast enlargement supplements.

05/19/02 John Kay of Steppenwolf, Dr. Alan Schoen, and Freebo.

05/12/02 Alex McNeil, author of Total Television and Marc Scott Zicree, author of The Twilight Zone Companion.

05/05/02 Stephen Roby, author Black Gold: The Lost Archives Of Jimi Hendrix; Jack Gantos, author Hole In My Life

04/28/02 The Amazing Kreskin with a UFO prediction and Dannion Brinkley, Psychic.

04/21/02 Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, author Darren Hunter, Dr. Patricia Fitzgeral detox specialist

03/31/02 Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors and author Poet In Exile. Also, Omega Christ.

03/10/02 Christopher Penczak and Dr. Emir Caner

02/10/02 Iron Maiden"s Bruce Dickinson and sex author Laura Corn.

02/03/02 Psychic Dannion Brinkley.

01/13/02 Peter Studner, author of Super Job Search and Dallas Smith of Default.

01/06/02 Legendary roadie Red Dog, psychics Strongbear and Silverstar.

12/16/01 The Gizmo Wizard Dick DeBartolo, Microsoft product managers for X-Box and Windows XP, UFO expert Dr. Norman Bergrun.

12/09/01 Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust and famed attorney Michael Tomkins.

11/11/01 VH-1 Senior Vice President Bill Flanagan. Later Allan discusses his tumultuous friendship with William Cooper and the recent events leading to William"s death.

11/04/01 Paranormal expert and bestselling author Brad Steiger discusses his new book Out Of The Dark: The Complete guide to Beings From Beyond.

10/28/01 Halloween show featuring our favorite ghost - err, thea"s GUEST -Al "Grampa Munster" Lewis.

10/21/01 The Bacon Brothers, Kevin and Michael. William Cooper was scheduled but refusedat the last minute. Allan fills in with severla Open Line segments.

10/14/01 Health, fitness and sex with Miss November Angelica Bridges, porn star Nina Hartley, Body For Life champion Porter Freeman, Todd Burton from Planet Nutrition. Also, Fox News reporter Rita Cosby with an update on the war on terrorism.

10/07/01 Pre-empted by Panthers game. No archive.

09/30/01 High-profile lawyer Gerry Spence talks about losing our civil liberties. Former special forces team leader Bob King provides insight into the anti-terrorism campaign.

09/23/01 Burton Cummings, front man for The Guess Who. Terrorism expert and author Rodney Stich.

09/16/01 "America Prepares For War" including Fox News reporter Rita Cosby, Colenel David Hackworth, Political commentator Dr. Allan Lichtman, Security and Terrorism expert KC Poulin and psychic Dannion Brinkley.

09/09/01 Psychic Robert Petro

09/02/01 Labor Day "Best Of" show featuring David Letterman!

08/26/01 Dr. Karl Jansen, author of Ketamine: Dreams and Realities, Aerosmith and George Carlin.

08/19/01 Pirate Radio Expert Andrew Yoder plus pirate DJ"s Pig Meat and CaptainRon. Also, Name That Band.

08/12/01 Mighty John The Record Guy appraises your albums over the air, J.J. French of Twisted Sister, whistleblowers Sandy Nunn and Darlene Catalan plus Doug Hartnett of the Government Accountability Project.

07/29/01 UFOlogists Peter Davenport and George Filer, hypnotist Shelley Stockwell and Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers.

07/22/01 Author Robert K. Tanenbaum, Ken Glickman of Bottom Line: Personal, and Dream interpreters Dr. Katia Romanoff & Dr. Lauri Quinn Loewenberg.

07/15/01 Dave Dramain of Disturbed, William Cooper, and Noah the phone screener goes AWOL to hunt for aliens!

07/01/01 Tommy Chong (formerly of Cheech and Chong) and Gary Patterson, author of Hellhounds On Their Trail.

06/24/01 Marijuana Update Special! George Goetz of the Libertarian Party, Steve Hager Editor in Chief of High Times magazine ans Keith Stroup of NORML.

06/17/01 Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Free and The Firm. In the second hour it"s Tommy Shaw of Styx.

06/10/01 Butch Trucks, one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers and Dean Budnick, founder of JamBands.com join Allan for the first half of the show. In the second half, Ted Nugent takes over the show.

05/20/01 Record numbers of sightings of the New Delhi Apeman and West Virginia Mothman were reported this week. Later, it"s a celebration ofJoey Ramone"s birthday with a classic interview.

05/13/01 George Carlin joins Allan to talk about his new book, his upcoming HBO special and life in general. Later, it"s one of the top PR expertsin the country, Edward Segal. In the 3rd hour authors David Smith and Bernard Adolphus give live and incredibly accurate numerology readings.

05/06/01 Private Investigator Joseph Culligan joins Allan for a little live detective work. Later on it"s Psychic to the stars Gary Quinn.

04/29/01 Health and Fitness show. Is it possible to party and stay healthy? Joining Allan are Bill Phillips of Body For Life, Dr. Earl Mindell author of several health "Bible" books, Dr. Michael Roizen author of Real Age, and Todd Burton of Planet Nutrition.

04/22/01 Comedian Richard Lewis talks candidly about how drugs and alchohol nearly ruined his life. Also on the show, Dennis Hayes "the father of Earth Day" and Valerie Harper discusses her new book.

04/08/01 Johnny Brennan is The Jerky Boys and he"s live in the studio forthe whole show to prove it. Carrot Top calls in from the road to round out the bill in this double-headliner show. Parental Advisory!

03/25/01 Three full hours of AC/DC! The guys take calls for the first two hours and in hour 3 Allan spins some favorites and some rare AC/DC tunes from his personal collection. Sit back, crank it up and enjoy!

03/04/01 Gary Patterson with true tales of famous rock stars and their deaths; Michael Weldon knows everything about Psychotronic movies; and the guys from Homebrew Adventures tell us how easy it is to make your own beer.

02/25/01 Danny Perkins, the king of Rock and Roll memorabilia. Later, Ed and Lorraine Warren talk about their adventures as real-life ghost hunters.

02/18/01 Donnie and Ronnie Van Zant visit to talk about their new CD and P.I. Joe Culligan comes back on the show to drop a bombshell on the banking industry.

02/11/01 Valentine"sDay Romance Tune-Up: Jill speigel, Julie Starke, Candida Royalle, Don Steele, Brad Steiger.

02/04/01 Ronnie James Dio of Dio, Rainbow & Black Sabbath.  Tax Protestor Irwin Schiff.

01/28/01 Katharine Gates, author of Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex. It is the complete guide to all the fetishes you ever knew about and many you probably never heard of! Later on, it"s Tesla takingcalls live.

01/21/01 Internationally noted UFO researcher Stanton Friedman; Tom Fischer tells us about his band Celtic Frost; Dr. Dick Frymire with home & herbal remedies.  Frozen grape anyone?

01/14/01 It"sPsychic Night as Allan welcomes Robert Petro in the first two hours and then from Hawaii, psychics Strong Bear and Silverstar.

01/07/01 Voice analyst Jon Kelly has some interesting theories on backward voice masking.  Later, John Hogue discusses Nostradamus and millennium prophecy.

12/24/00 Allan"sChristmas Eve "Best Of" show with Paul Rodgers, Peter Frampton, Iron Butterfly, Rare Earth, Sugarloaf & Jon Anderson of Yes.

12/17/00 Patrick Norton and Leo Laporte from ZDTV"s "The Screen Savers". In the 3rd hour, it"s The Amazing Kreskin.

12/10/00 Geddy Lee joins Allan for a rare interview.  Later Body For Life"sBill Phillips and Private Investigator Joseph Culligan.

12/03/00 Ken Glickman of Bottom Line/Personal, representatives from Merritt Homes.  Later, Allan"s lawyers discuss the Supreme Courtruling striking down drug checkpoints. 

11/26/00 "Tisthe season! Listen to cracked Christmas carols and song parodies with Allan"s guests Bob Rivers and Dr. Demento.

11/19/00 The State of Rock - Allan"s guests include Bill Flanagan from VH1;Dick Hodgin, music producer; and DJ Scoop from Columbia.

11/12/00 William Cooper and Allan Lichtman discuss the election (or lack thereof) and Dr. F. Paul Wilson talks about Raves, designer drugs and his latest book.

10/29/00 Dannion Brinkley of Compassion In Action joins Allan. Dannion has had three near-death experiences which have left him with psychics gifts. Later, Allan interviews Adam Sandler.

08/27/00 Rob Halford of Judas Priest is back with his new band, tax protestor Irwin Schiff takes the federal government to court.

Selections From Other Archives
Some of the shows and interviews Allan has done over the years are available in audio, video and pictures.  Thanks to all the sponsor sites for hosting these archives!
Little Feat
LikeTelevision proudly presents - Little Feat Interview on The Allan Handelman Show (09/26/99). The video was shot and mixed live at WRFX.  Go there!
Tommy Shaw
Allan had Tommy on his show 10/11/98 and CDArt.com was there to get it all down in sound and print!

Dan Ingram
This is cool! It's Allan as a beginner interviewing radio legend Dan Ingram. Dan did and still does very few interviews. You'll hear Allan -- young and very nervous as he interviews his childhood idol. The funniest Disc Jockey in the world.  Hosted by WABC.


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