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Public Affairs: Music
by Karen Mann, The Independent Weekly
May 24, 2000

Did you know that North Carolina has an official David Letterman Day? If you're a faithful fan of Allan Handelman, you probably do. In 1985, Handelman, who's been a fixture in North Carolina talk radio for nigh on 25 years, drew up a proclamation, signed by Jim Hunt himself, proclaiming January 2 as a day devoted to the man who brought us Stupid Pet Tricks.

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Rock 'n' Roll DJ
By Rob Turbovsky

     Allan Handelman has a lot of stories to tell. Ask him a question that might bring a story to mind and he nearly trips over himself in his exuberance; his excited gestures and equally animated voice show that he is almost too full of memories to be able to put together a thought.

     "I was backstage with the Rolling Stones and wait, I take that back - that was with Van Halen. That’s another interesting story."

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Rock talk is history on WRDU
Station cancels Allan Handleman's long-running program

By Fiona Morgan, The Independent Weekly
June 1, 2005

If you grew up going to see rock shows at the Pier, Dorton Arena or the old Brewery, then you might remember a radio show called East Coast Live . Host Allan Handelman launched his groundbreaking "rock talk" show on Raleigh's WQDR-FM in the early '80s, back when it was the preeminent rock station in the region. The Allan Handelman Show , as it's called now, carries on a mix of what Handelman calls "rock culture," with bands playing live in the studio, interviews and discussion of everything from UFOs to the war on drugs to corporate whistleblowers. Frank Zappa, David Letterman, George Carlin and AC/DC have all been regulars over the years. "We're not talking about the things you hear on AM talk radio," Handelman says. "We talk about the things that you talk about with your friend when you're alone."

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