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Sunday used to be my favorite night to deliver pizzas since I could listen to Allan on WRDU in Raleigh. Now, it's just another shift. BOO to WRDU!
Coley <csmack3@yahoo.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - 05/20/2005

I am missing the show every Sunday night. Is there any chance someone in eastern north carolina or the raleigh area will pick it up again. I know WSFL used to have it on.
Billy <igoew@mail.ecu.edu>
USA - 05/18/2005
I will not buy from WRDU's sponcers till WRDU brings you back on. If I was one of there sponcers, I would be asking for a refund. They have lost there minds..WRDU keeps junk on..And takes there best stuff off the air. Or could this be a form of censorship?? maybe they need a new program director??? And let the same old tired songs rest..
Bob <bobdeb87@hotmail.com>
Spring Hope, N.C USA - 05/16/2005
Is there another radio station either in NC or Va where I can pick up your show. I see by the comments it has been dropped. Hard to believe !!!!!!
P. Gower <flash4085@yahoo.com>
Warrenton, NC USA - 05/15/2005
Has WRDU 106.1 dropped your show on Sunday nites at 10:00PM ???
Paul Gower <flash4085@yahoo.com>
Warrenton, NC USA - 05/15/2005
Just wanted to say I can not believe WRDU dropped your show. I work late at night and I have enjoyed listening to the show for many years as I traveled to work. I turned on the radio to WRDU 106 tonight and it was nothing but music I was like what is this ..I came to the web site and now I know. I am glad I can listen to the show on line . Keep up the awesome work .Always Have loved your show.
Shawn Kennedy <countryboy111_nc@hotmail.com>
raleigh, nc USA - 05/09/2005
I really hurt the station in my city has dropped your show. i really would like to know why. I will not be listening to RDU unless they bring you back. Your show has given me so much useful information. You have helped me grow into a better person. I have learned a lot from your show. Thank God I can listen on the internet. Your home station in Charlotte. Take Care Allen.
Terry Hemingway <terryddrum@aol.com>
Cary, NC USA - 05/08/2005
on the 5/1/05 show i was listining to john perkins & wow i bought his book the next day .i`m reading it now i didn`t get to hear the energy guy send info kimberly83@bellsouth .com keep up the good work
burt leonard <kimberly83@bellsouth.com>
salisbury, nc USA - 05/03/2005
dude that toatally sucks big balls that wrdu drop you man you rocked thats the only thign i listend to on that station, hey tell you fans that Frexon Zo & Direkt Frequency 2 rocking local rlaiegh bands will be playing at THE BREWERY,TOO-METAL-TUESDAY, MAY 24th, $7 21 and up, $5 minors, Doors 8:30 838-6788 3009 hillsborough St. Raleigh N.C. ino @ twitchyism@yahoo.com [IMG]http://www.geocities.com/direktfrequency/tripjam.jpg[/IMG]
Direkt Frequency fan <twitchyism@yahoo.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - 05/01/2005
Hi Allan, I've been listening to you since "forever ago." I have also been listening to WRDU since 1986(while at ECU)... and I am in total shock that some "outsider" has come in and decided not to keep your show. There goes my Sunday nights... (I'll just have to figure out how to listen via the web). BTW, I've written the Prog. mgr. at WBBB 96.1FM and suggested that they add your show (they have JB&B now, as well). WRDU 106.1FM is now totally obsolete to me.
Greta Patterson <GMPalchemy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - 04/30/2005
your show is great but please talk about U.F.Os or vampires or perhaps E.Ts.
Cody talley <laughingwolf01@yahoo.com>
Eden, N.C USA - 04/24/2005
WOW!, I am sick to hear you lost WRDU. I listened to you each & every Sunday night on my way to my 3rd shft job for over a year. My Brother & I also listened to you back in the 70's on WQDR. You are like an old friend we grew up with. You will be missed Allan, trust me. Also, thanks for the great shows you provided us with. Take care.
Richard Hunter <b1jpgr@netscape.net>
Goldsboro, N.C. USA - 04/23/2005
Long time, but intermittant listen because of the lack of streaming on demand. Ever thought about podcasting your episodes? It's expanding wildly, and most certainly cheaper to broadcast. I liked it a lot when I could listen to the episodes that I wanted when you put them up on mp3.com.
Vladimir <aeroflotanc@hotmail.com>
Seattle, WA USA - 04/21/2005
Great site anybody out there in NC have any WQDR airchecks from the 70s if so please e-mail me.
Warren <wmbunn@msn.com>
Temecula, Ca USA - 04/21/2005
Hey Allan, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your shows with Nikki Sixx and Blackie Lawless, I'm a big fan of both. Keep up the good work! ~Peace Easy~
Cinderellas Twisted Sister <kissmygunsnroses@yahoo.com>
Cameron, NC USA - 04/12/2005
Did you research the background of "investigative reporter" Kevin Trudeau, who appeared on your show Sunday night? You gave a lot of people false hope for illness and cures for disease. Just do a search on Google or Yahoo on this guy's background. You made a huge mistake in judgement to give him as much air time as you did, and an even greater disservice to your listeners.
USA - 04/11/2005
Allan, As you know i have been a big fan of yours since the WRQR days in Farmville,NC.I have been in California now for 18 years and now that i have high speed internet i can listen to your show clear with no interruptions.When are you gonna have Gov't Mule back on the show hardest working band out there today.Keep up the great work Al.
Warren <bunster36@hotmail.com>
Temecula, Ca USA - 04/06/2005
i love your show, it is so refreshingly tangy.
carlos <carlos@nr.com>
Burlington, NC USA - 02/14/2005
I loved the show last night (13Feb05). It was great listening to people with, at least, open minds. I just wish the show could have lasted longer. Too bad my comment didnt get brought up! Oh well. There are many more controversial topics to discuss! Love the show and good luck! Hopefully I can get your show out in Boone when I go off to school! Legal in six months!
Jessica Burnett <metallicaacdchic@aol.com>
Creedmoor, NC USA - 02/14/2005
Allan, your guest & topic this past weekend were very interesting - John Ronner and guardian angels. It's a keeper I'm gonna transfer to cd-r for future reference. I'm a listener from back in your days at WITN, then WQDR so I always look forward to your shows. I suggest you have Mr. Ronner come back soon - one of the best shows I've heard in a while.
Raleigh, NC USA - 02/10/2005
Hip Hop give a entire culture a chance to be heard. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard. I listen to some hip hop. I like it when a story is being told; or when a strong message is being sent. Rock,Hip Hop, Country,even Tec -NO. Culture has a right to be heard. IF ROCK IS DEAD< LONG LIVE PAPER AND SCISSORS
Terry Hemingway <terryddrum@aol.com>
Cary, NC USA - 01/24/2005
You really can not kill rock n roll. It if it is coming from your soul. Music should come from the soul. Rock DOES NOT BELONG TO MEDIA. IT BELONGS TO ME AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE ROCK. YOU WILL NOT TAKE IT FROM ME! YOU CAN NOT KILL IT FROM MY HEART. Where do you think Angus Young gets all his energy. I believe he gets it from God. You can not fuck with that. I'm A drummer, I'm in a band. We love what we do. We don't make much money. AS LONG AS I GET TOGETHER PLAY WITH THE GIFT FROM GOD. THE GIFT OF EXPRESSION. Forget the death of Rock. Rock lives in my Heart and Soul
Terry Hemingway <terryddrum@aol.com>
Cary, nc USA - 01/23/2005
Hi Allan! Good show last night with Robert Petro, once again. He's been my mentor and friend for quite some time and I've even appeared on your show a couple of times with him! Remember me now? Anyway, even with all that I know about him and his work, he NEVER ceases to amaze me with his psychic abilities. His compassion and grace have the ability to impress even the most skeptical; obviously. I personally want to thank you for being so open-minded and willing to have him (and at times, me) on your show. I think you do an EXCELLENT job and I look forward to future shows. Best wishes for 2005! Christine
Christine Hoshaw <harmony3568@yahoo.com>
San Bernardino, CA USA - 01/10/2005
GREENSBORO, NC USA - 12/26/2004
Hey Allen, Got a chance to call in last night and talk with you, I'd really like to hear some of the stuff from the world of progressive metal, as a musician i feel that Dream theater would make a mighty fine group to spotlight, got to talk to Noah too, hes awesome, you whole show is awesome, i am 13 years old and one of the only open minded rockers in my school, I feel it is time for a revolution. the rap stations have had their fun now give music back to the long haired teenaged garage rockers where it belongs!!! Peace n' Luv forever man!
jon aleman <shortdude26@yahoo.com>
charlotte, NC USA - 11/29/2004
You rule ass man. It would be an honor to smoke a bowl with you one day. ROCK ON!!
josh <judge_judd00@yahoo.com>
hogansville, ga USA - 11/06/2004
Your radio program has so much promise, yet fails to deliver. Ae you afraid of government intervention, ...or does actual news scare you? Yeah you talk about some fringe things, but you do not follow through on them. Are you the North Carolina's version of Jerry Springer? I know you will not respond to this posting, most fakers do not, and you have not in the past. I feel sorry for you. You are trapped in your own dillusion. So may the Gods and Goddesses have mercey on you.
Richard Brownbear <ashtroduderichar@aol.com>
North Wilkesboro, NC USA - 10/24/2004
I learned of the show through a co-worker, I really hate that I've missed the show for so many years! Every week there is yet another interesting guest, topic, etc. It is great to hear other political viewpoints besides those of the mainstream media, and I applaud you Allan for allowing such opinions to be aired to a mass audience. You have just gained another fan!
Matt A. <trek4600@charter.net>
Charleston, WV USA - 10/14/2004
interesting stuff
USA - 09/24/2004
I've recently moved into the area here in Warner Robins, GA. I've never heard your show before, but I'm glad I've found it. Since I've started listening, I've learned a lot about some of the politics in the country and other issues that I didn't know about before. You always have good guest on the show that, 9 times out of 10, have fairly good points to make. I called in the other night and wanted to speak with Ralph Nader, your guest that night, but missed calling in before he left, but I called anyway because I had another concern that I don't hear many people speak about. I was able to get my point across, get some feed back, and hopefully put the thought into other listeners minds. I enjoy listening to a radio talk show that is so involved with it's listeners, I've never had that before. We need more shows like yours in this country. In this day and age, it seems to be one of the only ways for the everyday person to express theirs views and get points across. Thanks for having your show, I appreciate the 3 hours every Sunday night I get to spend with the rest of my country.
Dustin Clapp <bird8528540@yahoo.com>
Robins AFB, GA USA - 09/21/2004
I have stumbled across your show and love it. Your show has opened my eyes to alot of different issues. First I am a very pro-active republican. Very involved in debates. The problem with this is I am very stubborn and often pigheaded and have a hard time listening to the other side of the story. I hear all the bad talk about farenheight 9/11 and have heard nothing good about mike moore and had to see the movie and it opened my eyes to alot of different things. In order to be intelligent one must be able to hear both sides of the story and then make a choice. I have been guilty of passing judgement on liberals without listening I want to change this. I have always bashed Al franken because of his book Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and have not given it a chance I wont be involved in slander...is this book worth reading? what are some other liberal books that may broaden my horizon?
Robert Atwood <robertatwood@hotmail.com>
Columbus, Ga USA - 09/19/2004
I love your show! I listened every sunday for years until I moved away from Macon for a few years. I could not find a station in Asheville NC and did not have a computer to listen on. (I think there is a station out of Grennville SC now) Well I am now back in Macon and very happy that your show has survived the corporate take over of the radio stations while I was gone. Your show has been one of the best things about moving home.
Michelle S
Macon, GA USA - 08/31/2004
i think i saw three to four UFOs at the 96rock freefest.
zach hudgins <krawl19812003@yahoo.com>
angier, nc USA - 08/29/2004
The love-fest between Steve Earl and yourself drove me to the breaking point. If you are going to discuss politics, please, please... please do not assume all your listeners pull the same lever as you.
rickky s <rickkys23@yahoo.com>
gastonia, nc USA - 08/17/2004
Yo Allan, Man, help! What is up with that Playboy chick that went up to Hef's bedroom and sez he's a gay??? NO WAY!! What is up with that shizza crazy pimpn ho??? My man Hef??? Sickness!!!!!!!
Schizmo <majormetal20@aol.com>
Columbia, SC USA - 08/10/2004
Allan, I have to say that I love the show. I have listened to this show for almost 3 years now. One night I happened to be listening to my usual classic rock station and this talk show came on and I said to myself damn, I really don't want to hear someone talk about boring stuff while I'm trying to work here!! Anyway, something happened and I couldn't get to my radio to turn the station. I started listening and much to my surprise, it was great!!! The topics, the open mindedness and just everyhting about this show was really impressive. I would like you to know that on my slow startup at the beginning of the week this show speeds it up---thanks again!!!
Melissa <shlbymama@charter.net>
Dunn, NC USA - 07/19/2004
I love your show allan. I'm 17 years old and Ive been listening to it for about 3 1/2 years now and never miss it. I have a suggestion. I know a couple weeks ago you had a show about "who killed kurt cobain" I think you should do a show on "Who killed john Lennon". That would be great, because you know as well as i do, he was one of the best musicians the world will ever have
chris fisher <gangrel_4_ever@yahoo.com>
marietta, OH USA - 04/23/2004
Awesome show Alllan, keep it up. I wish you would have the original members of Pantera on the show some time
Nathan Fair <Natedawwg11@aol.com>
Charlotte, NC USA - 04/05/2004
I really liked the show in which you spoke about toys and products we grew up with when we were kids 20+ years ago(I'm 34 myself). How can I receive a transcript of that show? Thanx and keep up the great work.
richard cancellieri <canceman@yahoo.com>
fayetteville, nc USA - 01/22/2004
Here is my encounter story that happened in 1993 and I wrote it down for about five years: http://jeeze1999.00sf.com mark
mark <ohjeeze00@yahoo.com>
Redwood Valley, ca USA - 01/15/2004
I just read Gordon G.G. Gebert's new book ROCK & ROLL WAR STORIES and it's ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I couldn't put it down. I remember you interviewed him awhile back and I picked up his first book KISS & Tell. Great book! Great job!
Nikki <heretodaynet@netscape.net>
St. Louis, MO USA - 01/12/2004
Hello! You´ve got a really great site here! Greetings from Harry
USA - 12/05/2003
Allan, It was delightful to meet you in Charlotte NC! The 5 days I spent there getting ready for my speeches and workshop was very enlightening and I met many wonderful people. I hope you enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did! You are an exceptional man with a very compassionate heart. Rhiannon Waits
Rhiannon Waits <ladyrhia@cox.net>
Pensacola, FL USA - 11/29/2003
No way, I had to do the samething!
Lori <332edbar@geno-c.com>
long beach, ca USA - 07/10/2003
Allan Handelman is awsome!!!!!!! unfortunately I celebrated to hard after the experience, and had to goto passyourdrugtests.com :(.
James <james@hotmail22.com>
dallas, tx USA - 07/10/2003
I really like your site. I have found some of the information here interesting. Thanks.
logos sonnerie
USA - 07/05/2003
Lora Smith <lora@skidrow.net>
Phoenix, AZ USA - 06/23/2003
The allan handelmans show kicks ass. i have a few suggestions for future guests Kirk hammett, Zakk wylde, Daron Malakian, Corey taylor, etc.
chris fisher <gangrel_4_ever@yahoo.com>
marietta, Oh USA - 05/15/2003
Hi, just looked through your site and want to left some greetings. Nice page & good luck. By Erik
Erik <viking-erik@hotmail.com>
Ustadt, Schweden - 03/18/2003
hey, I suggest you get some cool space bumper music or somethin' man. yo, way cool dude. keep rockin'
Tuto Graffittis <tutog90@cs.com>
Raleigh, nc USA - 03/16/2003
Super, super site. Very well done indeed!
Marcia DeMuro <earnard@zwallet.com>
Walden, NY USA - 03/05/2003
Hi Allan, I've been a listener for only several months now but I can already tell that 'you have your finger on the pulse of the nation' so-to-speak! The various issues you present are at the forefront of public debate and deserve all the attention you bring to them. We are indeed living in very interesting and exciting times, and your show definitely helps in keeping up with 'current events'. Keep up the most excellent work, and I'll be listening every Sunday for yet another exciting show! Catchin' you here on 100.3 FM 'The Buzzard'
Tim Edwards <tedwards@wiredog.com>
Galax, Virginia USA - 03/03/2003
Your show rocks man. I listen to it every week hehe. My favorite show tho is the latest riley martin show you had the dude is freakin awsome KEEP ROCKING!!!!!! HELL yeahh
madison, NC USA - 12/12/2002
your website has a unique style! very special! very novel!
laola <laola_yi@yahoo.com>
bern, switzerland - 11/22/2002
Really nice site, hope to catch the shows.
Brian <yogibear@bulkley.net>
Houston, BC Canada - 10/06/2002
Tony <tt1@carolina.rr.com>
charlotte, USA - 07/01/2002
Great show bud, I always try to catch ya when I can. Thanks for the laughs Rob DiCat AKA Dirtyharry0331
DiCat <robdicat@hotmail.com>
Colchester, VT USA - 06/30/2002
I just wanted to say thanks for a great show every Sunday night, I'm always listening, and the topics never cease to amaze me! Thanks again Allan!!! Tamara Rock 105 in Charleston
Tamara Myers <tamaramyers78@hotmail.com>
St Albans, WV USA - 06/27/2002
I once ate a muffin. Then vomited it up on my couch. It was a weird excperience. Almost as weird as this site.
judith <toaster1986@hotmail.com>
Miami, FL USA - 06/02/2002
Allan,tell that TIM PARKER he's a Puss,hethinks he knows how to PARTY but he's the first to go DOWN!!!
Dave Pfeiffer <davidp@oaklandparkfl.org>
Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA - 05/01/2002
The interview with Ian Anderson was cool. He is very itelligent and entertaining. I called in and talked to Ian. Tull ROCKS!
Jim <fishin17@cox.net>
Lake Forest, Ca USA - 04/24/2002
Great interview with a genius Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull...Hoping to se him late August in Chautuaqua, NY(Buffalo, NY)..Great work!!!!!!!!
Curt Nighswander <zebra7@localnet.com>
Lockport, NY USA - 04/21/2002
Alternate Opinion I would have loved to sit here and fight all of your avid and more patient listeners for a spot to speak my piece on your show tonight but the truth is I would rather listen while on my way to Walmart for toilet and rollin' papers. Given that I'm such an opinionated person I'll just drop a quick line to address Ray's comment about twenty minutes ago that LSD and other substances, excluding chemistry projects gone wrong, open the door to the mind/universe. While I am not your neighborhood drug awareness representative I will agree with his statement that it, meaning hallucinogens, will cause a person to lose their mind. This I am witness, and not subject too. For the main purpose of an alternate opinion to this subject, I personally believe all answer to life's question such as What is the meaning to life? as well as "Look beyond the problem." -Patch Adams. can be obtained with concentration and possessing an abstract mind, an individual can and has opened the doors to the mind/universe without assistance of other substances. I feel belated in sending this opinion via e-mail but you might possible find time to squeeze and few words in support of my fellow independently spiritual brothers and sisters. Thanks for the honesty
Kara Marie Fogarty <Chokeysmoke@aol.com>
Centerville, GA USA - 04/01/2002
You should have our band on the air. See the above link.
Sexfinger <coloursolid@aol.com>
middletown, de USA - 03/22/2002
Great show Handleman did with Dr Caner. If he's been paying close attention to the news he will see that my comments made back in Sept aren't so bizzare after-all. I predicted that the US will use nuclear force against regions of afganistan and Irag due to the terrorist attacks. Yes, we seem to be moving in that direction. The Pentagon is mentally preparing the public for what is coming. Elimination of the enemy. It's not enough to just stop them and thats what the government hasn't told the US citizens. It's beginning to do so now.
timmie bowman <ridehondas@hotmail.com>
taylorsville, nc USA - 03/12/2002
Longtime listener but I've been on the road for a while, so maybe I missed something, what happened to that Mr. Wilson guy? He reminded me of Lewis Black on Comedy Central, I'd tune in just to hear if his head would explode that night, that dude was wacked, I hope that chick is just filling in.
Jim <SemperFiJim@aol.com>
Chapel Hill, NC USA - 03/08/2002
"Man will do many things to get himself loved; he will do all things to get himself envied." -Mark Twain
San Francisco, CA USA - 02/20/2002
Hey Allan, Long time listener here (8+ years I guess). Just wanted to say that I love your show, it's still the best around. Thanks for everything! Keep up the great work! Joe
Joe Lareau <jlareau@ncmat.com>
Herndon, VA USA - 02/05/2002
Thank you Allan for giving us a show that gives a damn about the rock culture.You have created a mold that cannot be broken.Thanks,Mark Kibler
Mark Kibler <Mkibler@aol.com>
Rockwell, NC USA - 02/04/2002
Someday this 2 party system will end!
Crystal (Prudence) Reardon <Libertarian86@yahoo.com>
Houston, Tx USA - 01/20/2002
HEY Allan got my mail online fixed I LOVE YOU.
mary longerbeam <melcenia@westvirginia.com>
hurricane, W.V. USA - 01/19/2002
Hey Alan, as a Concord College student (and airstaff member of Concords radio station-now called WCCR) I find myself a fan your show (almost by default..haha). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and pass along the obligatory "you rock". Keep rockin man.
Joshua Exline <pitchforkeye@hotmail.com>
Athens, WV USA - 01/13/2002
your show kicks ass. I listen to it every sunday on 106.1 WRDU
Cary, NC USA - 01/07/2002
Woah. I just scrolled down on this page and read that William Cooper was shot and killed. I heard him on the AH show several times also. I always had a sneaking hunch that he was full of horse "manure" as well. I noticed that he contradicted himself in a very subtle manner on one or two occasions. Nevertheless, his shtick was somewhat entertaining, and I always enjoyed listening to him. I see his web page is claiming he has been shot and killed by a local sheriff. Can anyone verify that with a more substantial link?
Jay T
Greensboro, NC USA - 12/27/2001
Hello. I remember a few years back a guy named Irwin Schiff was on the show talking about his tax protest system, which basically stated that income tax is unconstitutional. I recently did an internet search and came upon this link, which labels Mr. Schiff as a scam artist and lists in detail the legal action taken against him. Thought it would be interesting to add here. http://www.taxes.com/tax_scams.html (scroll down about 1/5 of the way)
Jay T
USA - 12/27/2001
Been a Firesign Theatre fan for years. You had them on. Now I am a fan of yours for years yo come. Thanks big time Rob aka dirtyharry0331
Rob DiCat <media0331@yahoo.com>
Belleville, NJ USA - 12/21/2001
Get Rita Cosby from Fox news back on again, she rocks.
Richard Ginn
USA - 11/10/2001
Just surfed in. Looks great so far.
Joe Wallace <joegh@ertycom.com>
Newcastle, CA USA - 11/07/2001
The internet site WWW.WilliamCooper.com claims that William Cooper was shot to death by the sherrif. Is this true?
Charlotte, NC USA - 11/07/2001
I like this site. Keep it up!
Leanne Collins <l.collins@btinternet.com>
Oakville, ON Canada - 11/05/2001
this is the most interesting talk show in the raido industry just plain compelling with so many diverse topics ive enjoyed your show for years and will contenue loyaly keep up the good work al. ggh.>BUCKAWYLDE<.
gregory hayes <buckawylde@hotmail.com>
forestcity, n.c. USA - 10/21/2001
Allan, I just wanted to tell you that you are the best. I've been listening to your show since you first got started years ago. There were alot of Sunday nights I got in trouble listening to you instead of sleeping. Keep up the great work and drop me a line sometime, I'd love to hear from you again. One of your biggest fans, Chrissy
Chrissy <littlechrissy@kittenscents.com>
USA - 10/20/2001
Hi there! I just bumped into your site, and I kind of enjoyed it. Keep it up! :-) Au revoir! Take care!
Jean Duvalle <jeanduvalle@engineer.com>
New Orleans, LA United States - 10/20/2001
Great. Thanks!
Ilona <ilonas@home.com>
Buffalo, NY USA - 10/19/2001
neat. i like the site.
garry <dgarry@petro-neat.com>
Toronto, ON Canada - 10/19/2001
Hi from Canada!
Mila Jackson <mila.max@sympatico.ca>
Toronto, ON Canada - 10/17/2001
I misspelled my email address on my last mail to you. Anyways, keep the site up!
Eldon Barclay <eldonba@mtaonline.net>
Collegedale, CA USA - 10/17/2001
You will be hearing from me soon. Thanks
Milton Lewis <kdl@fastransit.net>
Lake Charles, MI USA - 10/17/2001
Good web with cool info. Thanks.
Everd Linten <elin345@aol.com>
Henderson, KY USA - 10/16/2001
Good job! Thanks!
Gary Shafer <jdb183@radar.com>
Naches, NY USA - 10/16/2001
I found your site very interesting. Thanks!
American Engineering <robertwilly@yahoo.com>
Salem, USA - 10/04/2001
love this site
tony <tonyfran@webtv.net>
San Clemente, CA USA - 10/04/2001
hey Allan! kewl site you should do a show on the Local N.C. and sumpthing about why punk is dead and how its just a fashion trend Im in a band called Twitchy were gonna rock the world someday but were still local.
Derek Lawrence <DRyutterfilms@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - 09/09/2001
Liked the site. Thanks!
Felicia Boutin <tex2309@cfl.rr.com>
Toronto, ON Canada - 09/06/2001
Great site! Thanks!
Rosa Alex <rosa.alex@canada.com>
USA - 08/30/2001
keep it up dude your realy dialed in
watcher751 <onesharpcop@aol.com>
nashville, nc USA - 08/29/2001
Enjoyed the website.
Art Bell
USA - 08/24/2001
You have a great site.
Walter Beekins <beekinsboy@tidal.com>
USA - 08/20/2001
I am so glad you are on here. I used to listen to 92 but after your story, they are completely off my buttons. They were getting lame anyway. I went to UNCC a few years ago, is Wilson the same guy from 1065?
Greensboro, NC USA - 08/16/2001
Nice site...
clipart <nmmbhdp@finebody.com>
USA - 08/15/2001
Hi! Just got through listening to your interview of the Van Zants om MP3.com and heard you ask them about the song Vehicle by Jim Peterik. Go to www.jimpeterik.com and you will find the answer to your question. Just click on Behind the Song. Take care, Kim
USA - 08/10/2001
"Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jenny Simpson
Hoboken, NJ USA - 07/23/2001
I listen to your show every Sunday night while at work. For once I thank goodness for the otherwise boring job lol. I especially enjoyed your show last night (7-22-01) on dream interpretation. I am a fan of the late great Sigmund Freud and I just had to listen in and take notes! I came to see if you offered a newsletter but I cannot seem to find the link. Oh, I was wondering if you have a definate date for having the guest from 2 Sundays back to talk about Secret Societies and specifically the Masons. I am a member of their sister organization the OES and of course I want to make sure I catch the program that night. Well, thanks for having such real talk on your show and not just fluff and stuff! Lois M.
twitterbug01 <twitterbug01@yahoo.com>
Gilbert, WV USA - 07/23/2001
really liked the tommy shaw and paul rodgers cds. got them from mp3.com yesterday. really cool! can you make alot more cds of your shows available. thanks for reefering me to styxcolector.com too.
chicago, il USA - 07/20/2001
Mr. Handelman, I heard your show for the first time last night on my way back to school. Since my trip was in excess of 11 hours (Dothan AL to Blacksburg VA), I ended up driving through the broadcast area of Charlotte. I was able to hear most of the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since there are no stations broadcasting your show near Blacksburg, I was thrilled when you mentioned your archives on Mp3.com. Thank you for your fantastic show. Graham Rollins
Graham Rollins
Blacksburg , VA USA
What happeend to the Wilson segment last week? Is he really that much of a wacko?
Atlanta, USA -
Whew! Hey, Dokkenites, Rokken Robin touching base before the warm-up tour, and recovering from my impromptu "interview" on Internet Radio!! I had no idea things were gonna go the way they did, but it was fun, and I have to say Allan Handelman and his cohort Daniel run one heck of a radio show. Beats anything we have in L.A. at the moment, I'll tell you that...
Rokken Robin
Hello from OZ. Really enjoyed your site.
Pat <Mistyblue1215@yahoo.com>
Wichita, Ks USA -
Allan, I really miss listening to your show. I used to listen every Sunday night when I lived in Charleston, WV. Then I moved to this yankee state where they don't carry your show and I had to settle for the audio streaming broadcast via the internet. Now that audio streaming has gone away, I am forced to reading only information displayed on your website. It's just not the same. I wish you could land a station in the supposed "Rock and Roll" city of Cleveland.
Donnie Jones <djones119@aol.com>
Massillon, OH USA -
I'd love to listen to the show tonight with "The Voice", Paul Rodgers, but, unfortunately, we have no radio stations in Northern Michigan that broadcast Allan. Anyone know of a radio station that might be streaming it???? If not...Paul...can't wait 'til you come up north to both Traverse City and Iron Mountain, Michigan and rock Northern Michigan like it's never been rocked before! Rock Steady!
Irene <iilmonen@nmu.edu>
Negaunee, MI USA -
Will be tuning in tonight(early hours of the morning GMT) Please say hello to Paul from all of his fans in Liverpool and ask can we do the Cavern again- the most amazing gig ever, just over 1 year ago! Pauls voice these days has never been finer, its richness and depth make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end -so soulful. For now,best regards to all Colette M
ColetteM <gnonem@yahoo.co.uk>
Liverpool, England -
Looking forward to Paul Rodgers on the show. Looking for fello free and Bad Co fans to join yahoo club; Rabbit from Free has blessed us with his presence! http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/tonsofsobs
Really enjoyed the site,Allen.You're allways welcome at the Icecastle!,Johnny
Johnny Luxury <johnluxuryandtheicegiants@yahoo.com>
hollywood, ca USA -
I love your show you have great guests. I am glad one of my stations in my area carry you. Few in my state do(2). Keep Rocking with the Great guests and I can't wait till you have AC/DC on this Sunday!!
Kevin Simpson <kmak16@earthlink.net>
Kingsport, TN USA -
I really dig your show on The Fox in Charlotte! Keep the quality radio coming!
Gabe <gabemac@bellsouth.net>
Forest City, NC USA -
I just wanted to say your show kicks ass and howard stern eat you heart out cause you haven't got anything on allen
Tinman <tinman_0208@yahoo.com>
roanoke rapids, NC USA -
great site
you have a great site . my compliments on a job well done .
Micheal <hierophant@graffiti.net>
hamilton, on canada -
Your show is great I look forward to working Sunday nights because of you.
Matt Arthur <TAKAMINE226@AOL.COM>
Rest in peace, Joey Ramone. You helped make rock and roll real again. Allan I expect - ney, demand - a tribute show.
Parkersburg, WV USA -
It is very good site.
Ivan Mihailov <kl12@rbcmail.ru>
Saratov, Russia Russia -
since listening to your show I've got back to reading! I have read numerous books from authors you had on your show and they were excellent,I had trouble finding one particular book and ended up calling the author at his business and he personally autographed it and mailed it to me! The book is RINGMAKERS OF SATURN by Norman R. Bergrun. Thanks for a GREAT radio show.
michael west <westdog_82268@msn.com>
enjoy ur show.Ilisten every sunday driving home from work.Keep it up.
david lombard <ducklips@vance.net>
henderson, nc USA -
Hi Allan, Keeping you updated. New book, ROCK & ROLL WAR STORIES being released soon. I'll be on tour playing keyboards with the band Angel. Hope to be back on your show soon. Your show is GREAT!!! All the best, Gordon G. G. Gebert
Gordon G. G. Gebert <GordonGebert@earthlink.net>
New York, NY USA -
hi i am looking for articles concerning the 1994-1995 ufo sightings over farmville north carolina can you guys provide me with the information thanks gideon!
daniel <gideonX0@yahoo.com>
lc, nm USA -
Hi. Figured if you had a guestbook, you wanted people to sign it. Well, here's mine!
Tim Pashly
San Diego, California USA -
Just surfing around. Found your GB, so I thought I would add a line:)
Tim Pashly
San Diego, California USA -
you've got a great show,and thank you for having the balls to talk about some of the topics that you talk about.
Bobby Hagans
I enjoyed your site very much. It was very helpful and informative. Thank you!
Will Ferret <badgerlandstudios@yahoo.com>
San Francisco, CA USA -
I listened to your show last night before i went to bed(Jan. 7) and would like to say that that was a great show!! It was really interesting... I'm a faithful listener every Sunday night on 98ROCK WYBB. Good show man!!!!
Damien Castle <DamionKC@yahoo.com>
Summerville, SC USA -
Alan, on Feb.17,1991, you were my hero. You took my best friend Tammy and I back stage to meet Damn Yankees. Well really Tommy Shaw . Now, I have the chance (thanks to a Xmas gift for my boys) to say thank you for what you did that night. And yes, 10 years later I am still a die hard Tommy addict. I just can't help it! Now with the patience of this computer a whole new STYX/Tommy world has been opened to me, but it does not compare to that night in Asheville . Again Alan , thank you so much.
I really like your show, and I listen when I can. I really wish that your show came on earlier, because my mother likes me to go to bed before ten o'clock.
Mark Gardner <Turbo_2_87@netzero.com>
Byron, Ga USA -
Allan, I applaud you on the great shows you bring your audience every sunday! I love you show, it's unique - what other show talks about aliens to rock and roll, I keep coming back for more! Keep up the great work!
Just wanted to sign your guest book. Be cool.
C. Dallas McCoy <marcia01@alltel.net>
hillbilly/commy hell, OH USA -
Allan, I have been listening to your show for a while now. I believe you have the best FM talk show there is, keep up the good work and keep the guest list long and powerfull. People like Ted is what makes your show rock because Ted speaks his mind and that is what we need more of in the Good Old USA.
Tommy Aldridge <TommyARR99@yahoo.com>
Norwood, NC USA -
I just want to say that I used to listen to you every week on 102.7fm in Detroit Michigan untl it changed formats. I have been looking for this website for so long, but have never been able to find it for some reason. I just want you to know that now that I have found it, I will be listening every week AGAIN!!!! Please try to get back on another Detroit station soon!!!! LOTS OF PEOPLE MISS YOU!!!!!
Mark McKenzie <markmckenzie@canada.com>
Windsor, ON Canada -
Allen, I wanted to write to commend you on the wonderful show. I'm currently an art major here at concord and I enjoy listening to the show on my way back from my home in summersville every weekend. I also have a radio show here on WCCR. We try to bring our listeners the same type of entertainment and information you do. Thanks for the great show and remember....Silence Kills the Revolution.
Jesse Nutter <jesnut@hotmail.com>
Athens, wv USA -
Allan, I have been listening for many years. As far as I am concerned, you have the only talk show on radio worth listening to. All others are simply boring by comparison. Keep on rockin'...(male, professional, age 46, married)
David Ewing <daviddavid47@yahoo.com>
Belmont, NC USA -
i was really happy to hear the whole "jam band" show! it is a hard scene to get respect in from THE GENERAL media, so thanks! im plugging my band, moonride, a jam band from raleigh! we play around here OFTEN! http://ourworld.cs.com/moonridejams thanks!
MOONRIDE <moonridejams@cs.com>
raleigh, nc USA -
Listen to your show every Sunday night on WRDU while driving home from work - always an interesting show. Also, my husband and I have enjoyed your website. Keep up the great work!
Robin <Xraysrrad2@aol.com>
Faison, NC USA -
Hey Allan, I think you should have a show about vampires.
David <Kiss_Knight@yahoo.com>
Ga USA -
Jessica Mauch - WOW! Cant wait for her to come back on the show. We need pix NOW!
Studly Dude
yo al! that unknown hinson guy was wierd! whered you find this guy? i dont know but you should have him on again soon. funny guy! thanx for a great show man keep on rockin
Chicago, IL USA -
Allan, just wanted to say thanks for the great discussions on your show. It's refreshing to have someone in the media not be afraid to speak their mind about important issues.
Rebecca Morrison <smurf_becca@hotmail.com>
Kings Mtn, NC USA -
I love ur show Alan, its the best, yours is the only show that will tell the truth,(could you please get John Rocker on your show), he would fit right in and you would be the only show that would not get him on thier show just to make fun of him, Thanks alot Alan, YOU ARE THE MAN, cya later
Patrick <patrick_g@mailcity.com>
Greenwood, SC USA -
hey, i love your show!!!!!!!!!! but u need 2 have on some NASCAR Winston Cup drivers on your show. keep up the good work!!!!!!!
Marty <gameguro14@aol.com>
Charlotte, NC USA -
hey allan, i would like to first write that i think your radio program is one of the greatest shows in all of media. secondly, i used to listen to you on 95.7 fm in charlotte, hey man what happened, now theres some springer wanna be named phil. i really miss your show, so could you give me some of your great insight and let me know where you are now. sincierly, dan shook
dan shook <shookman@webtv.net>
banner elk, nc USA -
Loved your show with Paul Rodgers last night. We don't get Allan in "our neck of the woods" so I tuned in via the net. I'm sure to tune in again...it was great fun. Saw Paul Rodgers in concert for the first time (after a 28 year wait) in Oshkosh, WI last week and was entirely blown away. It was great to hear him on your show last night...completed my spectacular weekend with "The Voice."
Irene <iilmonen@nmu.edu>
Hey Allan, I love your show. Keep up the great work!! You need to have some NASCAR drivers on one night!! That would rock!! I would like for you to have Dale Earnhardt on!! Keep rockin!!!
Marty <gameguro14@aol.com>
Charlotte , NC USA -
Allan Handelman I enjoy your show very much :( too bad that West Virginia is a week behind for the show. I hear that your now haveing a chat with you on Tuesdays at 10.pm. Anyways I agree with you on the Napster vs Metallica. I agree that Metallica did the right thing. That's their talent and they're proud of their talent. What most people out there just listen to the songs. I have napster and i have well about 300 songs and I have good songs. I'm one of them that buys buys buys buys buys the CD's if theres anything good on them then I'll look for the CD and I'll buy it. Anyways Allan e-mail me sometime and I hope to chat to you on Tuesday Nights at 10:00 pm anyways your show is great keep up the great work guys.
Josh Husiar <husiar@hotmail.com>
That guy was right up to a point. Early versions of Napster allowed uploads. But then, this is a subject for the discussion forums.
Last night's show (Napster vs Metallica) was pretty good. The only thing that bothered me was that most of the people on the show did not really know what the hell they were talking about. Most people don't understand how Napster works, or exactly what an "MP3" is. There was even one guy on that said people with Napster could get kiddie-porn uploaded to them!?! WTF? Have fun at the chat talking out of your assholes.
Mark <mark@paradise.raleigh.nc.us>
Raleigh, NC USA -
tonite's show was awesome!! napster is cool but they should just take metallica off their site. then no problem. everyones happy.
a friend
reston, va USA -

Iwould like to say that your show is really cool.I would also like to tell "The Nuge" he is the greatest rocker of all time. I'm a hunter myself and I will be until I'm called away from this earth. I would also like to say that I agree with Ted if you can't speak it or spell it get the hell out. Allan keep the good work and Ted may all your hunts successful. Tight lines and straight shots to both you guys.
Lloyd Good <deerhunter_25901@hotmail.com>
Oak Hill, WV USA -

HI Alan nice show I really enjoy listening to your show every week and falling asleep to it. Keep it up and I'll keep listening to the Alhandelman Show every sunday. Take care and hope to talk to you.
Josh Husiar <husiar@hotmail.com>
Hey Al - am lovin the stooge show. Those guys are hillXXX hilareXXXXX hiXX FUNNY! I see you fixed a lot of stuff on the web sight too. Kewel!
A. Listener
Stoogeland, USA -
I love the show. I listen almost every sunday. I saw Ted Nugent when he was in concert with KISS. KISS rocked too.
Lee Landis <leelandis@netzero.net>
Newberry, sc USA -
Hey, Alan I love your show! The people you had on about dreams were awesome! I love all your shows you have a way of making dull things, fun. Keep up the good work!
Marty <gameguro14>
Monroe, NC USA -
GO FRED BEAR!!!!!!!!
Jerry Kale <mashedmelon@webtv.net>
newton, nc USA -
I like the show, I like the ufos and alien shows, I have had abduction experiences and I have tried to phone in, and I have had no luck.I did get on once with Budd Hopkins, but I did not get to talk to him. He said he could not hear me, and I was told to hang up, and I would hear my answer, I did not. I am still hopeful that I will get on the show soon.
Gary Raymer <chase@salisbury.net>
Salisbury, NC USA -
hey alan i have an idea 4 your show. u need some WINSTON CUP drivers on your show like DALE EARNHARDT. i love your show keep up the good work
Marty <gameguro14@aol.com>
Monroe, NC USA -
Your show rocks. u r da man.
Marty <gameguro14@aol.com>
Monroe, NC USA -
Hey Allen I like your show and I try to listen every week.
Ben Ervin <thecoolstuff@juno.com>
Washington, WV USA -
I enjoy the broad range of guests on the show. From rockers to Irwin Schiff to Granpa Monster,your show's the best. You don't treat your listeners like mindless drones that need everything in a predigested form. You cover subjects that actually makes me think about them. That is very rare in any form of broadcasting today. I only wish you were on daily. Keep up the great work.
David J.
Walhalla, SC USA -
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Eric Gratton
Charlotte, NC USA -
Great show! Really enjoyed your guest William Cooper. I hope you have him on again in the future. Thanks!
Andrew Schott <aschott@digital.net>
Palm Bay, FL USA -
Hey Allan, I'm a longtime listener from back in the days of WRQR and WITN. Glad to hear you're still doing the same awesome show except even better now. Love the paranormal shows, especially UFO'S, etc. A suggestion for a future program- a show about the Power Pop genre and perhaps have Cheap Trick as guests- or Bruce Brodeen from Not Lame Records- to talk about this highly overlooked but truly excellent musical style, performed by the likes of Badfinger, Big Star, Raspberries, Spongetones, Teenage Fanclub, etc.
Rick H <SgPepr@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA -

He who runs away lives to fight another day
Bob Marley
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